Since 1987, the company has been serving the industrial manufacturers of Turkey under the commercial title Dursan Plastik Makine Kalıp ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi.

A team of expert engineers, adequate manufacturing capacity, and design, modeling, blueprint and plastic injection printing capabilities mean that we build the trust of our customers with commitment to quality and deadlines.

In 2005, we started the chocolate mould business and quickly surpassed many of the more established companies in the business. All moulds are manufactured in-house and at the same plant – we don’t use subcontractors.

Dursan Plastics is located in the Istanbul Beylikdüzü Industrial Zone, serving industry leaders with premium component parts production. Dursan has historically topped performance appraisals conducted by its clients in terms of production, quality, adherence to deadlines and delivery schedules. We have completion certificates issued by many of our clients. Dursan Plastics likes to view itself as the reflection of the customers it serves, and provides project-based solutions for R&D, prototyping, mould production, mass production and delivery. Dursan products are either directly or indirectly ready for export.

Our Policy
Our company will serve global brands by keeping up with the latest in machinery and process technology.

Our Objective
We strive to produce premium goods at affordable prices, and we aim to become a global leader in the industry by implementing technological developments in the industry and considering competition in all that we do.